Each and every one of President Trump’s rallies have drawn tens of thousands of supporters from multiple states across of America. With all of those people from different backgrounds and cultures, there are never any reports of violence. You may hear fans chanting “Lock her up!” and “CNN sucks!”, but one thing you won’t see is Republicans beating up anti-Trump protesters or the Antifa Democrat mobs who wait in groups for Trump supporters to leave Trump’s rallies.

We’ve been to several Trump rallies, and every time we’ve witnessed a protester who tries to disrupt his rallies, Trump supporters move out of the way and let the security detail remove them from the venue.

Three protesters went undercover to attend Barack Obama’s tiny rally for Democrat candidate for Governor, Andrew Gillum in Miami, Florida.

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According to Big League Politics, the first protester who can be seen in the video below, is Enrique Tarrio, who called out the former president for “abandoning the black community.”

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In response, Tarrio says he was attacked and made to feel like “an African American in the Jim Crow South.”

“Obama abandoned the black and Latino community,” said Tarrio. “He came to my town and I went to express myself only to spit on, punched, attacked by the Gillum/Obama horde.”

The next protester, Jacob Engels was attacked and hit several times from behind by a Democrat mob.

Engels, who was well positioned at the side of the stage where Obama stood, can be heard yelling “You belong in jail! You belong in jail!”



The Gateway Pundit reported that the violent mob attacked Engels while he was being escorted from the arena — Something that would have made headlines on CNN and The New York Times if ever happened at a Trump rally.

Here’s a look at how the former community organizer handled the hecklers in the crowd:

Thank goodness, with tens of thousands of Trump supporters attending his rallies almost every night, that they have enough common sense to know you don’t beat up people just because they disagree with your political views.

Jacob told The Gateway Pundit, “Obama illegally surveilled a Republican candidate for President that was facing his ally and lackey Hillary Clinton. He should be investigated and jailed for doing so. We should not see that in America… We can leave that type of highly politicized action from the intelligence community to dictators and despots of the third world.”

Engels also told The Gateway Pundit “My ribs and chest hurt like hell.”

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