The Democrats just keep on pushing the FAKE NEWS of Trump colluding with the russians to win the election. The striking thing is the coordination in talking points. Unreal! They must email every person to push over and over the same words so we’re all brainwashed to believe the lies:

Earlier in the week, the line was “crisis of confidence”…The Democrats are way too predictable!

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CNN decided it was a good time to declare “a crisis in confidence” with the trump administration…What a joke! The firing of Comey was nothing of the sort! when Democrats called for coney’s firing for months and then Trump finally fires him, how can that be a bad thing for Democrats? It’s not…they’re just playing politics:

CNN Reported:
A president who thrives on crises has created the biggest one yet of his presidency.

President Trump’s decision to fire James Comey creates a crisis of confidence around the federal government on a level that most likely hasn’t been seen since Watergate. With the tangled threads of Russian influence, last year’s presidential election and an active FBI investigation, Trump’s move will test loyalties and force a moment of truth for his Republican allies and his Justice Department.

No one is seriously questioning whether the president acted within his authority, and the White House’s official explanation for what transpired is straightforward enough. According to that version of events, the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended Comey’s ouster, and the president quickly agreed and acted accordingly.

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