While two key leaders of the Democratic Party dig in their heels for the long haul, other prominent Congressmen begin to wiggle and pivot out of refusing a wall aka border security.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer are still trying to do everything possible to destroy President Trump and make this partial government shutdown 100% his fault, but the American people and some in Congress are seeing the big picture.

With another caravan of thousands forming in Central America (see video below), people have grown more and more frustrated with our open border problem.

Watch the video below and you’ll see that the Democrats are trying to twist the topic so that they can save face but come off as not too smart about border security.

Clyburn thinks we need drones?

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Pelosi says mow the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass?

Hoyer says walls work “someplaces”?

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Does James Clyburn think if hundreds of illegals just surge at the border, the drones will stop them?

Nancy Pelosi comes off a flip when she says to mow the grass. What American isn’t offended by her remarks? She obviously doesn’t care.

Hoyer actually said that walls work so let’s build one.

There are other Democrats who aren’t playing the game by opposing common sense border security but there are still those who are playing politics with the wall:

The Supercuts video below is a must-watch:

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to hear facts. She just wants to keep going back to her talking points, it’s immoral , it’s unfair, it’s un-American. You know what else is all of those things, Nancy Pelosi? It’s you allowing Americans to be killed by illegal immigrants.


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