The tactic by some Democrats of saying they won’t negotiate with President Trump on the wall until the government is reopened is laughable because Republicans can’t trust that the Dems will come to the table. They haven’t before, why should they now?

Democrats are also using word games to do anything they can not to call the wall a wall. They are muddling their way through by using words like “border barrier”,

Bennie Thompson of Mississippi is more reasonable than other Democrats like James Clyburn (see below). Some Democrats have come out for a “barrier” of some kind…but just don’t call it a wall or they’ll be against it.


Via Twitchy:

Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi who is now chairman of the House’s Homeland Security Committee, says his party is not ruling out supporting barriers.

This runs in stark contrast to the kind of language Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been using about a wall.

Pelosi’s good friend James Clyburn is sticking by her during this ridiculous standoff. It’s laughable that the Democrats like Clyburn want President Trump to end the shutdown and then they say they’ll talk. What makes the Republicans think the Democrats will now come to the table when all they’ve been doing is obstructing anything President Trump has proposed?

Clyburn claims that time is of the essence with federal workers out of work but Pelosi didn’t seem to be too concerned when she tried to leave town for a trip overseas.

Who can trust the Democrats?

Via Washington Times:

House Majority Whip James Clyburn said Sunday there would be no negotiations on border security until President Trump agrees to end the partial federal shutdown.

“I can’t see us keeping federal employees, 800,000 people, out of work while we go back and forth on negotiations,” Mr. Clyburn said on “Fox News Sunday.” “These negotiations can take 3 or 4 weeks. We ought to open the government up.”

The South Carolina Democrat also said that he was open to the idea of a “barrier” or “smart wall” along the southern border, adding that a compromise on the four-week impasse could be closer than it seems.

“We can pass a continuing resolution for 30 days, get the government open, get people back to work, and then let’s sit around the table and see where the common ground is,” Mr. Clyburn said. “It may be as simple as taking the ‘temporary’ off the ‘temporary protective status’ fixes.”



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