As Hillary sinks in the polls, she’s becoming a regular on the Ellen show. Her campaign is pretty desperate to play to Hillary’s base with these appearances and with all the selfies with celebrities. I guess she hasn’t been told Americans are on to her grifting ways and lies. A sure sign we’re 100% FED Up! with the clintons is the new poll that says she’s down by 20 points to Trump.(Not an endorsement for Trump But it’s a fact Jack) Booya!

Hillary Clinton is taking ‘dozens and dozens’ of selfies with supporters on the campaign trail these days – and she wants to know where she can get a phone case like Kim Kardashian’s that makes ‘everybody look better than you have any reason to look.’

‘I’ve never seen this anywhere else….it has light all the way around it. Like little tiny, tiny light bulbs,’ Clinton said during a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show that airs Monday, referring to Kardashian’s LuMee phone case with LED lights on the face.

Clinton dropped the set of DeGeneres daytime program on Wednesday afternoon, where she was reunited with actor Tony Goldwyn, better known as President Fitzgerald Grant from Scandal. Goldwyn’s endorsed her presidential bid and campaigned for her in Iowa.
During the appearance she revealed that she struggles to carry a tune.
‘I sang to Chelsea until she developed an ear and told me not to sing anymore,’ the former first lady said of her daughter.
That hasn’t kept her from serenading Chelsea’s first child, Charlotte, who will be joined by a sister later this year.
‘Chelsea stopped me around 18 months, so I’ve got about 3 months to go I think. That’s my grace period,’ she said.
Clinton said producers on Saturday Night Live wanted her to sing at the end of sketch with Kate McKinnon when the actress, as Clinton, asks the Democratic presidential candidate, playing ‘Val’ the bartender, to join in on a rendition of ‘Lean on Me.’
‘And I said, “you really don’t want to hear me sing,”

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