Ahead of the launch of her daily morning show, Megyn Kelly Today, the NBC News journalist stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she explained how Donald Trump influenced her decision to leave Fox News after 12 years. –THR

It’s pretty clear by Ellen’s reactions to Kelly’s answers that she’s not a fan, and that as an employee of NBC, she’s being forced to “take one for the team” with this very forced interview of the very unpopular Megyn Kelly prior to the debut of her new show.

Watch, as Kelly attempts to convince Degeneres that after several years of making a fortune on FOX News where she became popular for what appeared to be her passionate political views, that she was “never a political person”. LOL! :

Kelly spent a good time of her interview with Degeneres deflecting from her unpopularity with the general public by blaming President Trump for her decision to accept $17 million from NBC to make the move to fluff journalism.

“Donald Trump has a way of clarifying one’s life choices and that was true in my case, too,” Kelly said, explaining how she was struck by how her primetime news coverage “became all political.” When Kelly contemplated if Fox News was the right place for her, “the universe came and sort of shone a light and it was clear to me what I wanted to do.”

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DeGeneres asked if any of Trump’s infamous tweets targeted at Kelly were particularly what motivated her move, but Kelly said it was more than just the tweets: “The country’s so divided right now and it’s so political. It’s like politics has become like race, you can’t discuss it at all.”

Degeneres, who is known for being funny, only appeared to laugh twice during the entire segment. The first time was when Kelly wasn’t honest with the audience when she claimed her ratings at FOX went up after she disrespected the President. (See chart below from Oct. 13, 2016, following her full-blown feud with then-candidate Donald Trump:)

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The second time was when she made Kelly look like a complete jackass by suiting her up in a sumo wrestler costume, to which Megyn responded in a very awkward and NOT funny way. 



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