Have you ever been warned by a friend about what could happen to your food if you cross the person taking your order at a drive-thru, or the guy your server just returned your food to in the kitchen after you complained that it was undercooked?

Sadly, for many customers at Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play, their worst nightmare may have become a reality.

Jaylon Kerley, a 20-year-old  food service worker at Comerica Park in Detroit has been arrested and fired after a video was posted online showing him spitting on a pizza.

***Warning***You can’t unsee this!

WXYZ-TV reports the video was visible on Instagram over the weekend and shows an employee spitting on the pizza intended for customers. WWJ-AM reports officials at the home of the Detroit Tigers determined the video was recorded Friday when the team hosted the Kansas City Royals.

Detroit Sportservice, which provides food service at the ballpark, said in a statement that it “immediately closed that food stand and disposed of all the product.” It says food safety is the “top priority” and that it will take any appropriate action to protect guests.

The young man seen spitting on the pizza was arrested and fired. What’s equally disturbing, however, is how Detroit Sportservice treated his co-worker, Quinnell May, who recorded the worker spitting on the pizza to prove what happened. May allegedly reported the incident to his manager and to the HR department at Comerica Park, but according to May, he was ignored. May claims he posted the video because no one would listen to him.  May claims he was fired from his job for posting the video.

Watch May explain what happened when he caught his fellow worker spitting on customer’s pizzas he was being paid to make:

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