An Analysis of 3,000 Counties Allegedly Shows Dominion Machines Give 5%-6% Advantage to Biden


A common unbiased statistical analysis of voting results by county shows that Biden over-performed in the 2020 election by about 5% to 6% in counties that used Dominion and Hart software, according to Gateway Pundit.  This resulted in an overall ~5% advantage for Biden in the end.

According to the video and analysis, data shows that the Dominion and Hart machines “are clearly performing differently than the other machines.”  In fact, on these machines, “72% of the time, Biden overperforms…That should not happen…That is a dramatic red flag…we are over 99% sure something [irregular] is going on here.”

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This analysis includes 3000 counties that are both Democrat and Republican counties from around the country.  Both Republican and Democrat counties showed Biden over-performing when using Dominion/Hart machines.

In fact, the author states that counties with similar demographics actually voted more for trump in 2020 if they weren’t using Dominion or Hart voting systems.

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He concludes by stating that, if a digital network of fraud was created via these machines, the data “might look exactly like what we are seeing, here.”

Twitter user, Kenekoa has tweeted images from the video:

Summary of  Video:

“An unbiased by-county analysis of 2020 general election results of over 3000 U.S. counties shows large-scale skewing of election results in favor of Joe Biden in counties using Dominion Voting Systems.

Analysis conducted by DataScience and released through BASEDmedia constructed a statistical model to predict relative performance for either candidate based upon U.S. Census county data to 90% accuracy.

This analysis revealed that counties that used Dominion and Hart InterCivic ballot counting devices and software consistently gave a 5% vote advantage to candidate Joe Biden over President Trump. This advantage was observed regardless of the county’s majority political party affiliation nor urban, suburban, or rural area demographics.

For further information, the full report is available online here:”

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