Former DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile, who is now a Fox News contributor, talked to Fox News host Dana Perino about Joe Biden’s alleged sexual misconduct. While Brazile pretended to take Lucy Flores, the former member of Bernie Sanders’ political group, “Our Revolution” seriously, she appeared to be more concerned about saving the Democrat Party frontrunner from having his reputation smeared over the alleged sexual misconduct allegation.

When asked by Perino about how difficult it is for Joe Biden to defend the accusations, given that he doesn’t even have an established campaign in place, Brazile responded, “He’s presumably the front-runner in the Democratic race, but he hasn’t decided to jump in the race.”

Brazile attempted to appear concerned over the allegations, but was quick to point out that Flores is much too late with her accusations against Biden, as she suggested that she should have brought it up before, saying: “I want to, first of all, say to Ms. Flores as the vice chair of the party at that time, uh—had this been brought to my attention, or the attention of, I’m sure, the chair at that time, we would have spoken out. We believe that women deserve to be heard, and we respect the right for women to speak out.”  Brazile then moved into damage control mode for Joe Biden, suggesting that his creepy behavior should be forgiven because he’s always been creepy, or suffering from “being overtly affectionate.” Brazile told Perino, “She, um, said he violated her personal space, he has responded as you know, Dana. He suffers from I guess, I’m using his words, he suffers from being overtly affectionate.”

Brazile continued, as she used her longtime friendship with Biden to excuse his. behavior, “I’ve known Joe Biden for over 32 years, he’s been a champion of women’s right and I can tell you that Joe Biden is a rare type of human being—he cares.”


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Flores’ statement about Joe Biden is almost textbook behavior, when it comes to videos we’ve seen of Joe Biden interacting with young girls who are children or grandchildren of U.S. Senators during their swearing in ceremonies.

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Here’s a quick compilation of Joe Biden groping young girls…or as Brazile would say, “suffering from being overtly affectionate.”

Members of the Democrat Party are all about “hearing the voices” of women who’ve been victims of sexual abuse, as long as the men they’re accusing aren’t also members of the Democrat Party.

What do you think? Should the allegations agaisnt Joe Biden be taken as seriously as the charges from high school that were made about Judge Roy Moore, Republican Senate candidate from Alabama?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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