What happens when three armed guys break into a home, only to find out the homeowner is also armed?

Breaking 911 reports – On Tuesday night, three armed black males forcibly entered into an apartment to commit an apparent armed robbery. After one suspect was shot by the homeowner, all three suspects fled.

Jacksonville.com reports – Two young men are being sought after a resident wounded the third intruder during a Tuesday-evening break-in at the Park Place apartment complex at 1000 Third St. in Neptune Beach, police said.

Dramatic security camera video shows the three armed men forcing their way into the apartment during an apparent robbery, according to the Neptune Beach Police Department.

Seconds later three shots ring out. A resident inside shot one of them, police said. The trio runs out the door, one leaping over a second-story balcony to escape, the video shows. At least three more shots are heard as the three flee, escaping in a red Kia 4-door sedan.

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One suspect was later dropped off at Baptist Beaches Hospital in what appears to be a silver Pontiac 4-door sedan, possibly FL tag # starting with ‘NPI’.

Watch the incredible video here:

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Decisions have been made by multiple states to release prisoners in an effort to protect them from becoming infected with the Wuhan coronavirus.

New York, California, Ohio and Florida have all made decisions to release inmates due to the COVID19 outbreak. Last month, a sheriff in Hillsborough County Florida, near Tampa Bay, announced the release of over 100 “low-level” criminals from jail. Four days ago, one of the Florida inmates, Joseph Edward Williams, 26, who was released from jail because of impending concerns nationwide over the spread of coronavirus in correctional facilities has been accused of murder.

Does Florida need more criminals roaming the streets while law-abiding citizens are on lockdown inside their homes?

After watching this video, it looks like what Florida needs, are fewer criminals roaming the streets, and more armed homeowners.

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