Multiple tornadoes touched down in western and central parts of the Hawkeye State, causing catastrophic damage in several towns.

According to AccuWeather, the deadly tornado outbreak “killed several people and caused major damage.”

“Several people killed and more than a dozen others injured in tornado-warned storms; hard-hit town of Greenfield under curfew until 7 am CT,” Insider Paper noted.

“Sadly, we can confirm that there have been fatalities with this tornado,” Iowa State Patrol spokesperson Sgt. Alex Dinkla said during a news conference Tuesday evening, according to AccuWeather.


Per AccuWeather:

Drone video showed massive destruction in Greenfield, about 50 miles southwest of Des Moines, on Tuesday evening.

“There is basically nothing left,” Clel Baudler, a former Iowa state representative who lives a half mile from Greenfield, told CNN. “It went right through Greenfield.”

Rogue Paxton told WOI-TV he sheltered in the basement of his home when the storm moved through, and although the house was lost, his family got lucky.

“But everyone else is not so much, like my brother Cody, his house just got wiped,” Paxton said. “Then you see all these people out here helping each other. … Everything’s going to be fine because we have each other, but it’s just going to be really, really rough. It is a mess.”


One tornado ravaged wind turbines in Adams County.

KCCI reports:

A tornado touched down Tuesday in Adams County, Iowa, toppling several wind turbines and leaving behind a trail of damage.

The tornado touched down just northwest of Prescott around 3 p.m. Tuesday as a line of severe storms pushed into the state.

KCCI’s Zane Satre witnessed the storms touching down first-hand.

“It’s a pretty violent-looking tornado. It’s not fully condensed to the ground at all times. You can see it’s kind of grungy looking,” he said. “You can sort of see through it at times. But there’s definitely circulation all the way to the ground.”

Multiple wind turbines were destroyed by the tornado as it ripped across the county. Satre said he observed at least three 250-foot towers snapped like twigs, their blades scattered across the area.

Stunning footage captured the violent twister snapping a wind turbine.


Massive #tornado with multiple vortices rips down windmills and damages homes in Iowa including Greenfield, Iowa. Dominator FPV drone orbited the tornado racing northeast at 55 mph. Dominator 3 could have directly intercepted this tornado. Major tornado outbreak underway,” Reed Timmer wrote.


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