People are at their wits end with these domestic terrorist groups threatening our ability to travel freely on the roads we pay taxes to maintain and utilize. Law abiding citizens who are attempting to hear a presidential candidate speak should NEVER have to worry about people who are in our country illegally, and other hate groups blocking the roads.

This driver clearly had enough and was going to drive through. He was leaving it up to these big dummies to be smart enough to move out of the way. The best part of the whole video is when the protesters  terrorists who have been boldly preventing traffic from freely flowing on this road cry foul, demanding that the driver be held accountable for “breaking the law” (LOL) as the driver is making his way through the unruly crowd. The police officer pictured in the video (who is usually the target of these same anti-cop groups) simply shrugs his shoulders and smirks. Enjoy:


Car driven through group of Trump protestersWatch a vehicle get driven through a group of people protesting Donald Trump’s Fountain Hills rally. You can clearly see a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy shrug.

Posted by azcentral on Saturday, 19 March 2016

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