On Sunday, a massive anti-vaccine mandate truck convoy in Canada set off on a ‘Freedom Rally’, starting in northern British Columbia and ending in the Canadian capital city, Ottowa. There, they will join under Canada Unity and protest against the COVID vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers that went into effect on January 15.

This movement has captivated Twitter, where many videos and messages of support have been shared.

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The videos posted by both truckers and bystanders show thousands of people lining the roads, highways, and bridges in support of this protest. The supporters are holding signs and cheering as the trucks drive by, and some trucks have signs hanging from them or messages written on their trailers. One truck read, “Restore our freedoms; Stop spreading fear; Open all businesses; Protect democracy”

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One of the videos even shows supporters having a bonfire by the side of the highway and shooting off fireworks as the truckers go by.

One video taken from a bird’s eye view shows miles of highway lined with truckers, displaying how huge of a movement this has become.

One law enforcement officer, Constable Erin Howard from Ontario posted a video in support of the trucker rally. “I think what you’re doing is incredible,” said Howard. “You’re fighting for our rights and freedoms, and right now it feels like… those rights and freedoms are at stake. You guys are honestly true heroes.”


To read more about this #TruckersForFreedom rally, see our earlier article.

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