The View’s anti-Trump, RINO co-host, Meghan McCain, has had her share of clashes with co-host Joy Behar, but today, McCain got into it with another anti-Trump RINO, Anna Navarro. The CNN political commentator who calls herself a Republican strategist admonished McCain, telling her not to “scream at her,” during a discussion about, what else—possible crimes Donald Trump may have committed. Navarro doubled down on her public scolding of McCain, “I’m two feet away!”

A clearly frustrated Joy Behar, who was sitting in for Whoopi Goldberg as the show’s moderator (referee). interrupted the heated discussion between the two co-hosts to clarify, “Let me read it—Trump has denied any wrongdoing.” The snarky host, who has zero-tolerance for anyone who dares to defend President Trump was likely the last straw for McCain, who walked off the set.

A shot of the smiling audience clapping like seals for their favorite liberal hags, quickly turned into shocked faces as the camera pans back to the stage to show Meghan McCain storming off the set.


Could this be the end for McCain? Meghan’s never made any secret about her dislike for President Trump (which is likely how she landed a spot at The View’s table in the first place), but she has displayed moments of courage in speaking out for conservative Americans, especially when comes to gun rights and the rights of unborn babies.

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