Former President Obama was on a roll last week when he dished out criticism of Americans, President Trump and everyone he’s ever worked with. He claimed Americans and President Trump have “mommy issues” and are racist because they don’t buy into global warming.

One thing we didn’t pick up on is that he called his former colleagues a slanderous name for lazy losers or slang for male genitalia. While the media obsesses over President Trump’s every word, we have a former president bashing a current president about every other day. Here’s what Obama said:

“You start thinking, ya know what, this alderman is a knucklehead. So, then you go to the state legislature, and you look around…”

“These ‘jamokes’… not all of them, but I’m just saying you start to get a sense of ‘this is what it was like dealing with the alderman.’”

Obama went on to criticize world leaders too. Talk about divisive!


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