Mika Brzezinski’s hate for President Trump is on full display every time his name is mentioned on her show, which unfortunately for the viewers, is pretty much a part of every segment and occupies much of their conversations. If President Trump could collect rent for all of the time he lives in the liberal heads of MSNBC hosts Mika and her mamby-pamby boyfriend, Joe Scarborough, he could be an even richer man…

A former governor of Puerto Rico shut down a question from MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday when she asked about President Donald Trump’s treatment of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Trump and Cruz’s interactions and criticisms have drawn national attention during the process of helping Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria, with Cruz charging that the Trump administration has been too slow in delivering federal assistance. Trump tweeted criticism of her over the weekend, saying she exhibited “poor leadership” and that others in Puerto Rico were not doing enough to “get their workers to help.”

Upon meeting each other face-to-face on Tuesday, Cruz told Trump it was saving lives and “not about politics.” Trump shook her hand and then walked away.

After “Morning Joe” played the clip, a cross-armed Brzezinski looked disgusted. After welcoming former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño to the show, she asked him what he made of Trump’s treatment of Cruz.

“I’m very sorry, Mika, but I’m not going to get into local politics,” Fortuño said.

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Brzezinski did a double take upon hearing his answer.

“If she’s running for governor, there are different parties—I don’t care,” Fortuño said. “I care about results.”

“Is that what you think it is?” Brzezinski asked. “You think it was politics that had him attacking her?”

“I have no idea,” he said. “All I can tell you is we need results. We have people that desperately need help. As long as we get that help, we should not be talking about politics at this moment.”


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