Most Americans don’t catch on to what FOX News has been doing which makes their latest effort at propaganda even more evil. It seems like day after day all news channels tow the liberal agenda and now FOX News is doing the same. The problem is that Americans had grown to trust their conservative take on politics. You know we’re in deep trouble when there’s no main stream media source we can count on now…NOT EVEN FOX NEWS!

AMERICA IS IN DEEP TROUBLE – those who follow us know how bad it is but so many are still unaware that the left has totally taken over our media. Hopefully, the Wikileaks emails will continue to expose the fraudulent press and pundits like Eric Shawn and Dennis Ross who ran a piece today that was so slanted and obviously against Trump. Please watch the video where they start out speaking of the comments by Iran but wait for the softball question by Eric Shawn that opens the door for Clinton/Obama shill Dennis Ross to rant about how horrible Trump is for not accepting the election results…Watch for it…around the 3:20 mark

Dennis Ross is a prior Obama and Clinton crony goes on to speak without any questioning from Shawn…and then at the end Shawn speaks of Ross and his “decades of experience”…PROPAGANDA!!!

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