Fox Business’ Trish Regan was discussing the shocking number of Central Americans and MS-13 who’ve made it to our southern border when Democrat Adam Epstein rolled his eyes. Uh oh!

Trish wasn’t having any of this guy’s attitude. He continues rolling his eyes and looking away from the camera. The attitude of Democrats about the safety and sovereignty of America is unbelievable. Maybe he should have MS-13 move into his house or neighborhood.

While there’s a NATIONAL CRISIS at our southern border — 400 migrants captured in El Paso TODAY. I call out one Democrat for ROLLING HIS EYES!

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Border Patrol agents encountered two different groups of Central Americans at the border today. Within minutes, over 400 illegals were taken into custody!

KFOX14 reports:

The first group of 194 showed up in the middle of the night near a high school in El Paso.

The second group of 252 people was found near downtown El Paso a few minutes later.

The El Paso Sector is averaging 570 apprehensions a day.

Build the Wall…STAT!

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