Many Americans believe it’s “racist” to keep minorities trapped in a system that forces them to rely on Bernie and Hillary’s promises of “free shit” from the government. Does that mean it’s okay for them to go around and disassemble Bernie Sanders displays on college campuses?

A Tulane University fraternity has caused an uproar this week after building a wall made of sandbags with the message ‘Make America Great Again and ‘Trump’ plastered across it.

Photos of the wall circulated on social media after it was erected on April 7 on the off-campus house of the university’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Order.

KA Frat boys

As part of the local chapter’s annual tradition, it has pledges build a wall around its private property each spring ahead of its ‘Old South’ formal ball, according to The Times-Picayune.
However, upset students said this time the wall was ‘filled with connotations of hate and ignorance.’

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The wall has since been torn down by unidentified individuals alleged to be Tulane football players.

WATCH here:

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In a video posted to YouTube, individuals can be seen grabbing the sandbags and tossing them into the street while fraternity members look on, one saying ‘this is private property.’

thugs at Tulane

‘These connotations most directly mocked the experiences of Latino immigrants and workers throughout our nation,’ a post on student Ana De Santiago’s Facebook read.

‘By writing Trump in large, red letters across the “wall,” KA changed what was a tradition of building a wall into a tradition of constructing a border, symbolizing separation and xenophobia.
‘This issue not only affects Latinos but all other marginalized immigrant groups in this country.

On Wednesday, the university addressed the incident in a statement, saying that while it encourages the ‘free exchange of ideas and opinions’, the local chapter’s actions ‘sparked a visceral reaction in the context of a very heated and divisive political season,’ The Times-Picayune reported.

In an effort to support the individuals who dismantled the fraternity’s ‘Trump wall’, Tulane’s Latino student advocacy group, Generating Excellence Now and Tomorrow in Education (GENTE), set up a petition against the university’s administration.

‘We the undersigned stand in solidarity with the individuals who took the brave action of dismantling the wall in front of Kappa Alpha Fraternity House,’ a statement on the petition read.

‘This wall, although a tradition carried on by Kappa Alpha for many years, has been a source of aggression towards students of colour on this campus, and this year, with the addition of the labels “Trump” and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” has become overtly threatening towards Muslim and Latino students.’

In a statement released to The times-Picayune on Tuesday, the fraternity’s national chapter Assistant Executive Director for Advancement Jesse Lyons said its chapter takes KA’s values of gentlemanly conduct very seriously.

‘This respect extends to every student of Tulane and every member of the broader community,’ the statement read.

‘The comment was written on a makeshift wall on our private property, normally used for a game of capture the flag, to mock the ideologies of a political candidate.

‘This had a unintended negative effect and as such it has been dismantled.’

In other words, they caved, and ceded their First Amendment right to free speech, in order to avoid any controversy created by the Leftist Mafia.*

According to the fraternity’s website, KA was founded in 1865 and Robert E Lee, who is known for commanding the Confederate Army in the Civil War, is listed as its spiritual founder.

In 2010, the national fraternity chapter ordered an official ban on fraternity’s members wearing Confederate soldier uniforms to its annual Old South Ball.

In a document titled ‘Laws concerning Old South’, KA also prohibits the display of the Confederate flag from ‘any chapter house, lodge, or meeting place.‘  Via: Daily Mail




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