Isn’t  it odd that George W. was unable to utter a negative word about Obama or his policies during his 8 years in office, yet it doesn’t appear that George W. Bush is able to exercise the same level of restraint when it comes to criticizing or mocking Trump who has only served less than 2 months in office

George W. Bush heaped praise on Jimmy Kimmel for his anti-Trump opening monologue at the Oscars on Thursday night, telling the comedian enthusiastically that his performance was ‘damn good’.

In a rare and lighthearted television appearance, Bush steered clear of mentioning the current president by name but was led into several subtle jabs at him by his mischievous host.
Among the slights was a compliment for Kimmel’s decidedly anti-Trump debut at the Academy Awards.

‘I saw your opening. I thought it was damn good!’ he enthused, adding later that Kimmel was a ‘funny guy’.

During his opening skit at the award ceremony Kimmel on Sunday landed several blows on President Trump about how he’d made the rest of the world ‘hate’ America and described a divided country that no one could fix.

WATCH former President George W. Bush tell Sean Hannity why he refuses to attack Barack Obama when he was President:

He then mocked Trump’s assessment of Meryl Streep as one of Hollywood’s most ‘overrated actresses’, sarcastically piling on to her apparent mediocrity.

President Bush, eager to portray his sense of humor on Thursday, appeared to wholeheartedly approve of the roast.

OOPS! Did former President forget what he said about not “undermining a current president?”

But Bush didn’t stop there in allowing Kimmel to make pointed comparisons with the current commander-in-chief.

Unlike Trump who has complained incessantly about news networks and their coverage of him, Bush said he didn’t ever watch television during office.
‘You’re pretty busy, there’s plenty to do.’

He said he always enjoyed attending the White House Correspondents Dinner – something the current president boycotted – and even used it as an opportunity to poke fun at himself.

‘I love humor, the best humor is when you make fun of yourself,’ President Bush said, carefully resisting Kimmel’s response: ‘Tell that to the president!’. –Daily Mail 


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