These two Presidents could not be more different. George W. Bush is a natural born leader. He inspires others to consider someone other than themselves, to come together and to unite. He proves through his actions that we shouldn’t be afraid to act as a humble servant of the Lord. Barack Obama’s speech on the other hand, proves he is nothing more than a narcissistic, arrogant and condescending community agitator. As George W. Bush appeals to the better side of America and implores them to come together and heal in the face of heightened racial tensions, Obama remains laser focused on himself, and on his insatiable desire to take away our Second Amendment Right. Obama’s speech was not geared towards healing a torn and divided community. His speech was about promoting his radical gun-control agenda. It was about sound bites, as he waited on cue for applause from a group of people who were there to mourn the loss of their father, their brother, their son or their trusted co-worker.

Watch George W. Bush’s eloquent unity speech, honoring the lives of the brave Dallas law enforcement officers who were killed at the hands of a racist inspired by the Obama-Holder-Sharpton war on cops and war on White Americans:

Compare G.W. Bush’s speech to the divisive, angry and condescending speech from a petulant Barack Hussein Obama who just can’t seem to get Americans to buy into his final act:

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