Stacey Abrams has been the darling of the media and the local Democrats in Georgia because she would be the first black female governor if elected. That’s pretty much all you hear from anyone and everyone about Abrams. Identity politics is a favorite tactic of the left.  They just love the thought and emotion behind election the first black female governor.

Do Georgians know the policies that this candidate would support if elected, or do they just care about electing the first black female governor?


Jake Tapper pressed Abrams on her past support for strict gun controls. She backpedals in her comments but read between the lines in this interview and you’ll see how she really feels. Is this what Georgia voters want?

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Abrams has made some startling statements during the campaign against Republican Kemp but you never hear them. The media is so focused on electing the first black female governor…

Don’t voters deserve a more informative media that sticks to the facts? The propaganda in the Georgia media is off the charts. Let’s hope the voters see through this and elect the BEST CANDIDATE with THE BEST POLICY for Georgians.

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