Jillian Blackwell videotaped a little experiment with her Google home device and shared the results with her friends on Facebook. Her video went viral, and here’s why…

In the video, Jillian asks her Google home device, “Hey Google, who is Allah?” The Google device responded: “According to Wikipedia, in Islamic theology, God is the all-powerful, all-knowing creator, sustainer, ordainer and judge of everything in existence.”

Jillian then asks, “Hey Google, who is Buddha?” The Google device responded with another Wikipedia definition.

But shockingly, when Blackwell asked the Google device “who is Jesus?”, the device responded, “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help.”



Jillian posted on her Facebook page: “Hey #Google” on the #GoogleHome device doesn’t know who Jesus is? Very interesting. Is there a new law…separation of church and technology? Wait, does Alexa or Siri knows who Jesus is? (A note to all you English majors, I know “New Age” and “Brahman’ are not individuals, I just wanted to stay consistent with my line of questioning.)

David Sams decided to try the same experiment with the Alexa and his Google Home Smart Audio Player. In addition to asking who “Muhammed” and “Buddha” are, Sams asked who “God” and “Jesus” are? Watch here, to see what Sams discovers:


“So, my question is, is there somebody at Google that has something against Jesus, something against God? Is this a corporate mandate of some sort?” she asks.

If you think Google isn’t a leftist indoctrination machine…think again.


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