The majority Democrat House approved federal background checks for all firearms sales and transfers yesterday in a 240-190 vote.

Democrats called the vote a major step and the first gun legislation bill of significance in 25 years to tighten gun laws

The second bill would extend the review period for background checks from three to 10 days.

Both bills should be shot down by the Senate or vetoed by President Trump.

Freshman Republican Dan Crenshaw spoke about the truth on the universal background checks before the vote. The video is more great common sense coming from Crenshaw who has risen to the top of the class of new congressman.

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We guarantee you’ll really understand this topic once you hear his comments:

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Crenshaw is unafraid to speak out on what he believes in to Democrats like Adam Schiff:

Crenshaw called out Schiff on feel-good policies that do nothing to prevent gun violence.

Here’s what you left out: wouldn’t have prevented any of the horrific tragedies you just mentioned. People have a right to protect themselves, and you should not remove that right for feel-good policies that won’t actually DO any good.

Crenshaw also spoke with the NRA on the two bills:

If Crenshaw is the future of the Republican Party then we’re in great shape!

We could use more of his common sense in Congress!

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