However you feel about Trump as a candidate for President, he’s done more in the past few weeks than most candidates have ever done. The most important think he’s done is call attention to our open border with Mexico. It’s about time someone REALLY acted on this. It’s interesting to watch Rick Perry squirm when talking about the border. If you haven’t seen one of the most revealing political videos to expose all talk and no action then the video below is EXHIBIT 1:
There are a few select moments in broadcast TV when the production content highlights a very distinct reality – and simultaneously informs the viewership on the absurd construct of political dynamics. Last night Sean Hannity did just that.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has been blasting 2016 GOP candidate Donald Trump over Trump’s remarks about illegal alien criminals. Perry’s criticism has aided the liberal media’s efforts to isolate, ridicule and marginalize Trump.

However, using Rick Perry’s own Texas border reality, and showing the criminal statistics inherent from Perry’s own team, Hannity shows how Donald Trump is right, and Perry is just playing politics. It was one of the best constructed segments Hannity has ever broadcast.

The segment begins at 03:35 and runs through 08:12. The most substantial moment comes at 05:35. Watch:

Texas Alone: (2008 through 2014) 642,000+ criminal convictions; 8,000+ sexual assaults; all from illegal alien criminals. Game, Set, Match – Donald Trump was right!
Via: conservative treehouse


The presidential candidate will arrive in Laredo to meet with a local border patrol union before traveling to the border to address the media. He’ll then speak at an event for law enforcement, his campaign said.

Trump’s camp said representatives from the Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Laredo Police Department, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will be invited to the second event.
The business mogul has soared to the top of the polls as he’s called for tougher immigration policies. Many of his comments have unnerved national GOP figures — including remarks from his campaign launch that America is becoming Mexico’s “dumping ground” and that many Mexicans who cross into America illegally are criminals or “rapists.”

Via: The Hill

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