Every American should see the video below and then think about the thousands of people who died on 9/11. How soon we forget when we said we would NEVER FORGET that horrific day. War is ugly and messy… even if Americans don’t think we’re at war with the jihadis, they are at war with us! We give Green Beret Tim Kennedy so much credit for demonstrating waterboarding in defense of CIA nominee Gina Haspel. Jim Mitchell (video of Mitchell below), CIA interrogator and the architect of waterboarding, had this to say about Haspel:

“I think America is going to be safer with her as the CIA director. And we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot if she is not confirmed.”


On Friday, Green Beret Tim Kennedy live-streamed himself being waterboarded in his backyard by friends in order to demonstrate his belief that the procedure is not “torture,” as some claim (video below).

Kennedy, who is also a UFC fighter, made the video to protest those who oppose Gina Haspel, Trump’s nominee for director of the CIA.

Haspel has been criticized for her work at a CIA black site in Thailand where “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as waterboarding were used in the aftermath of 9/11.

Daily Wire reports:

At the beginning of Kennedy’s video (2:46), he states, “I just want everybody to understand what waterboarding is. Waterboarding is an opportunity for us to get information, useful information, out of somebody we’re questioning. There is no permanent damage, and it’s just the fear of water that scares people.”

Later (23:37), Kennedy asks the live-stream audience: “Does this look like torture to you guys?”, although he did admit that it’s highly uncomfortable.


At about 24 minutes into the video, they up the ante, and go “CIA” level, pouring water over Kennedy’s towel-covered face for longer periods of time.

Way to go Tim!

The architect of waterboarding speaks up in a great interview from 2014:


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