This video should open the eyes of every American who doesn’t understand the seriousness of putting political correctness before our freedoms, and the safety and security of our nation.

Hillary has a track record of always putting her best interests first. She won’t admit to the consequences of not properly vetting refugees who come from Muslim majority nations who hate us. For Hillary, it’s all about the votes and she’s zeroed in on the Muslim-American community as a much needed voting block if she is to win this election. One of Hilary’s main criticisms of Donald Trump is that he’s a “xenophobe” or “racist” for insisting we properly vet refugees before they enter our country. She’s twisted Trump’s desire to protect Americans from a violent and oppressive ideology into a politically correct argument.

A President of The United States is tasked with protecting and defending the safety and security of its citizens. There is no requirement for a President to give permission to any foreigner who wishes to enter to our country, simply because they don’t want to be called names. A strong leader, like Donald J. Trump is able to ignore the PC hit squad, and focus instead on the best interests of the people he has promised to represent. That is exactly why Trump’s rallies are jam packed with thousand of passionate supporters, while Hillary can barely fill a high school gym with a disinterested group of committed Democrats. Americans are passionate about protecting our nation. We want a Presidents who puts American citizens first, not one who puts their own political ambitions first. 

Hillary supporters need to watch this video to see what happens to a nation that is ruled by people who put its citizens dead last…Pun intended.

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