When CNN, who is owned by multi-billion dollar corporation Time-Warner threatened to “out” a private individual for doctoring a wrestling video of Donald Trump and replacing his face with a CNN logo, most Americans were stunned.

#VeryFakeNewsCNN is likely going to rue the day they threatened a Reddit user that they would expose his identity to leftist thugs, as punishment for doctoring a video to make it look like CNN was being body-slammed by Donald Trump.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reminded CNN in a tweet that they committed a crime when they threatened the Reddit user. Assange cited the violation: 135.60 of the New York criminal code.’

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Memes are showing up all over the place on social media mocking CNN’s threat. Even worse, in some cases, the memes are resurrecting news stories that CNN would rather not see repeated on social media, like the the story about former CNN guest host Kathy Griffin’s not-funny photos of herself holding an ISIS inspired, decapitated, bloody head of President Donald Trump. CNN fired Kathy Griffin, but not before they defended her on their network, which quickly earned them the trending hashtag #CNNisISIS on Twitter.

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Earlier today, we reported on a video that has just been released where CNN’s logo is replacing the head of President Trump who’s being assassinated in a Central Park “Julius Caesar” play.

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