Hillary Clinton has been known to pull out a phony southern accent in the past so it was no surprise when she faked the accent in Selma, Alabama over the weekend. No sir, she didn’t forget to pack her southern accent when she traveled to the Deep South.

Clinton spoke at the Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast in Selma, Alabama on the 54th anniversary of the Selma march. She spoke with a noticeable twang that was cringe-worthy because it was so obviously phony.

“There’s so much that needs doin'”

This is offensive to anyone from the south. Clinton is pandering and it’s so obvious.

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Even though she’s likely not running in 2020, she’s still so full of herself and such a phony that it’s awkward to watch.

She claimed she’s not running but we’ll see:


We’ll see what happens but Clinton isn’t going away.

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