Hillary Clinton made an appearance today and really failed at covering the cough up. You remember “the cough”, right? It’s never gone away but rears it’s ugly head every time Clinton speaks. The only thing it does for us is remind us how happy we are that she’s not the president. Thank goodness! The woman coughs all the time and can’t get up a stair without assistance. Watch her try her best to hide “the cough” by scratching her nose…

She’s a disaster!

During the appearance, she made a statement on the male bomb packages sent to Democrats. It’s sickening that the woman who called for “uncivil” behavior from Democrats last week is now blaming Republicans and President Trump for the packages. Hillary Clinton has no shame.

She was recently caught coughing like crazy before asking for a water…

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And this classic…

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Oh my! InStyle magazine published a video of Hillary Clinton promising to continue to fight for women’s rights, and urging all of us “to be brave.” This is hysterical coming from a woman who has protected serial assaulters like her husband. So we’re supposed to believe that Hillary will protect us from what exactly? WE THINK SHE’S CHOKING ON HER BULLSH*T!

How in the world did she let them publish this video! It’s like a skit from Saturday Night Live!

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