Wow! This is one of the most powerful speeches you will ever watch. A Hispanic American, who is now a Trump supporter, lays bare his emotions for everyone to see, as he gets choked up explaining to a crowd how he used to be the guy who would “beat up Trump supporters”. In his speech, he exposes the leftist media and how through deceptive editing they are able to make their viewers believe that President Trump and his supporters are “racists”.

This brave Hispanic man tells how before he “saw the truth”, he used to be “hard-core anti-Trump” and if he was “still the old me”, he “would beat up” all of the Trump supporters listening to hi speak. He recalled how he used to see a Trump bumper sticker on a car and would wait for the person who owned the vehicle so he could confront them. He went on to explain that if the Trump supporter he confronted would debate him, he would “beat their ass up”.

Watch, as this passionate Trump supporter explains how he was stunned to see how welcoming Trump supporters were when he attended his first Trump rally, and how the whole “Trump and his supporters are racists” narrative put forth by the media and by the Left is a complete lie:

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