This video exposes the underbelly of the illegal alien community and the hate they have for anyone who would enforce the rule of law in America. Based on the conversation these irresponsible parents are having with their 3 year old child in the video, these parents appear to be concerned about being deported if Trump becomes our next President. It’s hard to distinguish the difference between Islamic radical parents who teach their young children that killing innocent Americans is okay as long as it fulfills an obligation to Islam, and Mexican illegals living in America who are teaching their kids the same kind of hate and violent behavior.

America is a melting pot. We welcome vetted immigrants from all over the world with open arms who want to become citizens of our great country. Becoming an American does not mean you live here, but are separate from our culture and traditions. It’s clear by this video that these parents have an “us against them” mentality. This is NOT assimilation and these are NOT the kind of people we want living in America!

WHAT THESE YOUNG ILLEGAL ‘DREAMERS’ Do To Trump Supporters Will Make Your Blood Boil [Video]

We posted a story a few months ago that featured young Hispanic kids screaming expletives at Trump supporters as they drove by en route to a Trump rally. Are these the kind of children we want to see growing up to become violent adults in our nation, all because their parents were fortunate enough to illegally cross our borders and give birth to them?

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There was also  this professionally made video that was used as a tool to dissuade Hispanics from voting for Trump. Whoever thought this making video was a good idea is a first rate idiot. The only thing this video will do is make Americans want to start deporting more stupid people who think they’re above the law…

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Any parent who allowed their child to appear in this vile video should be up on child abuse charges!
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