Coordination by the Democrats and the media is real and it’s disturbing.

The video below is just one of so many examples of how the two work together to give out key words like “cover-up” to push a narrative out to Americans.

Get ready for fireworks on Tuesday when Attorney General Barr testifies about this.

The Democrats are desperately trying to go against what the law says about grand jury testimony and have Barr release the entire Mueller Report in unredacted form. The Democrats are counting on the American people to be kept in the dark about what the law allows Barr to do. Barr cannot release the full report without redactions.

If you don’t believe that Democrats and the MSM work together to create fake news narratives, watch this montage of Democrats and media pundits accusing the Trump administration of a “cover up” because they haven’t seen the full Mueller Report yet:

Do the Democrats ever do anything else? It seems that all they do is try to destroy our president 24/7.

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