A couple of quick questions come to mind when most law-abiding Americans see illegal aliens storming our government buildings: “Is there anywhere else in the world where hundreds of illegal aliens are storming government buildings that house lawmakers, to demand the same rights afforded to legal citizens? And does I.C.E. have the day off or something? 

Hundreds of illegal and legal immigrants descended upon the Hart Senate building Thursday afternoon, gathering in mass protest of the Trump administration’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act.

The protesters gathered in the Capitol to demand that members of Congress pass legislation for DREAMERers and DACA recipients.

Protests were not relegated to solely Washington, college students across the U.S. staged organized walkouts and rallies Thursday.

Another group, the UndocuBlack Network, joined in on Thursday’s Capitol protests. UndocuBlack describes themselves as a “multigenerational Network of Black undocumented people organizing our communities and building power.”

The UndocBlack Network just tweeted that they are not interested in any deals with Congress. The ILLEGAL ALIEN group tweeted:  “We will not trade diversity visas, e-verify, so called chain migration!” Who knew that people living ILLEGALLY in our nation had so much power?

House Republicans said Thursday that they are hoping to pass a bill help DACA recipients before the clock runs out on 2017. Roughly a dozen House GOP members think as many as 300 of the chamber’s 435 members could get behind such a bill.

“No bill is going to be perfect, but inaction is just unacceptable. We stand here ready to work with the speaker’s working group, with the White House, with our friends from both sides of the aisle to pass a legislative solution this year,” Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington told reporters Thursday. “Every time that Congress kicks this can down the road, people, real people, are hurt.”

Via: Daily Caller

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