ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said he doesn’t think Joe Biden can serve four more years following their interview.

“What do you think? Do you think Biden should step down?” a passerby on a New York City sidewalk asked Stephanopoulos.

“I don’t think he can serve four more years,” he answered in the video obtained by TMZ.


“Earlier today I responded to a question from a passerby. I shouldn’t have,” Stephanopoulos told The Hill in a statement.

From The Hill:

ABC, in its own statement, said “George expressed his own point of view and not the position of ABC News.”

Stephanopoulos’s comments come just days after the network aired an exclusive interview with Biden following a rough debate performance against former President Trump a week earlier, during which the president struggled to speak coherently and stared off blankly.

Biden’s showing on stage has renewed concerns about his age and mental competency and sparked some calls from Democrats for him to bow out of the presidential race.

During the interview, the incumbent wrote off the debate debacle as a “bad night” and maintained he would continue his reelection campaign.

Similar to his debate performance against President Trump, Biden’s interview with Stephanopoulos was a disaster.


Per Fox News:

Stephanopoulos sat down with Biden for the president’s first national interview since his disastrous debate performance last month, which has sparked unprecedented calls from members of the media and even a growing number of Democrats for him to withdraw from the 2024 race.

The ABC interview was widely seen as a test for Biden to show he has the mental capacity to continue his reelection bid. However, the 22-minute sit-down has not eased tensions within his party.

Biden raised eyebrows when he expressed uncertainty about whether he had watched the CNN debate, telling Stephanopoulos “I don’t think so, no.”

He shocked the country when he refused to commit to a cognitive test, repeatedly insisting he is tested every day in the role as the commander in chief.

Biden also enraged Democrats when he said he would be content with a hypothetical defeat against former President Trump as long as he as he “gave it [his] all.”

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