In 2013, Arab-American television host, Ahmed Tharwat, interviewed Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who is now a US Congresswoman. During the interview, the anti-Semitic lawmaker criticizes how the media covers terrorism. She mocked them for the intensity with which they interpret comments made by people. Omar says, “I remember when I was in college, I took a terrorism class.” Tharwat seemed stunned, asking her, “Is there such a thing?” “Yes,” Omar told him, while she giggled. The interviewer laughs, asking her, “Is there a lab for that?” Omar laughed, “No, we learned the ideology.” The interviewer asks, “Do you go to lab? Do you go on a field trip?” Again, Omar laughed at the idea of a “lab” where they could test out their terrorist skills.

Strange…most Americans would probably not be laughing if they were asked about participating in a hands-on lab for terrorists, but somehow, Omar thought it was hilarious.

Omar continued, making fun of the professor for acting like an expert when it came to discussing terror groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. The interviewer joined in the mocking of her professor, saying, “Yeah, he’s in command. He’s an expert.” He then asked Omar to dox him, “What’s his name? Where does he live? Omar laughed at the idea of doxing him, saying, “Oh, we are not saying his name.”

Here’s the interview in its entirety. Watch, as Ahmed Tharwat discusses the backlash in the Somali community and if it’s really warranted. The host points out to Omar that when American troops destroy other countries, we don’t hear them apologize.  Omar responds by telling the host how it’s ridiculous to ask Muslims to condemn acts of violence by Islamic terrorists. She tries to explain that when atrocities happen in other countries, they shouldn’t ask “regular citizens like myself” to condemn them. “When Americans ask us “to condemn every misbehaving Muslim,” laughing, Tharwat reminds her there are about a billion and a half Muslims, saying, “I’d have to quit my job, I mean condemning every day.” Somehow, the fact that Muslims commit so much violence around the world that he would have to quit his job to condemn their violence, is funny.

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Tharwat tells Omar when Muslims commit violence, the Muslim culture is condemned. He continued, When a white person commits violence, “we just go to psychoanalysis,” suggesting that the media tries to say “he’s not capable of committing violence because he’s’ white.” Omar agrees, saying, “We have mass shootings that go on constantly here.”

Really, “We have mass shootings that go on constantly?

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During the interview, Omar also blames “our involvement in other people’s affairs” accounts for the rise in Islamic terrorism, saying nobody else wants to take accountability for the actions of Muslim terrorists.


In July 2018, Tharwat called the Israeli government “Jewish ISIS.”

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