As illegal migrants flood the U.S.-Mexico border, break-ins, thefts, and overall chaos have surged in cities near the border. One shocking video shows a group of illegal migrants trying to break into a woman’s Texas ranch house just 50 miles away from the southern border in Edwards County.

In the video captured by the homeowner’s security cameras, the group of migrants tries to pry open the windows of the ranch house while one of them tries kicking down the front door. After being unable to gain entry through the windows or the door, one of the men grabs a 2×4 plank of wood and begins banging it against the door, trying to ram it open.

Despite the men’s best efforts, they were unable to break in due to the woman’s recent $13,000 security upgrades that she made after previous break-in attempts.

The men then moved on to the neighbor’s house, which they successfully entered. However, by the time Border Patrol arrived the group had already fled and have not been apprehended.

As the threat of Title 42 ending drives migrants to rush to the border, Texas has struggled with migrants killing local pets, stealing from local businesses, and trespassing at people’s homes.

One Eagle Pass resident named Laura Ramos reported that she taught her kids to use tasers and other weapons to defend the family business from illegal migrants. Ramos told Fox News, “It’s something that has had to be done because we don’t know what can happen. We don’t know these people or where they come from.”

Another business owner in Eagle Pass said that she closes her business at 7 pm now because she doesn’t want her female employees walking home or to their vehicles when it’s dark outside. The owner also reported having “several weapons” in her store to defend her employees.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has ruled to keep Title 42 in effect into 2023 in a ruling on Tuesday. It is set to stay in place until the spring when oral arguments can take place.

In 2022 there have been an estimated 2.3 million migrant crossings, setting record numbers for illegal migrants entering the United States and creating uncontrollable chaos throughout the country’s border cities.

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