In a beautiful moment, President Trump reminded all of the lawmakers and their guests in the room, that the Capitol building is a monument to the American people. Trump told them, “Freedom stands tall over one more monument: this one. This Capitol. This living monument — this is the monument to the American people.” When President Trump finished his passionate and powerful reminder to everyone in the Capitol building, the crowd began to chant, “USA…USA!” As soon as they began to chant, Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois got up from his seat and left the room. It was almost as if the “USA” chant was offensive to the Representative who has spent his entire political career putting illegal aliens first.


Here’s a picture of little Gutierrez scooting out like a cockroach scatters when the lights are suddenly turned on…

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Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross also noticed Gutierrez leaving the House Chamber:

White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner called out Gutierrez for leaving while his colleagues were chanting “USA!”

Tony Briscoe of the Chicago Tribune, tweeted: It looks like Congressman Luis Gutierrez just walked out #SOTU

To which “Cynnabun” responded, “He should of kept walking”

Thank goodness the illegal first Congressman Gutierrez, is planning to retire from office in 2018…or so he says. Stay tuned.

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