Sydney Hernandez is covering the border like no one else. She’s reporting locally on what illegals are saying and what Border Patrol Agents are saying about the literal invasion of Central Americans.

The video below is stunning because the illegals are saying their home countries are placing advertisements for “free services and assistance” in America!

Watch below as the illegals tell Sydney they saw ads on their local TV stations telling them to come to America:

Young men who say they smuggle illegals across the border for $2,000 were interviewed by Syney and say they do it because they’re tough.These kids are just 16-years old and are swimming back and forth to take illegals across.

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Border Patrol agents say the smugglers make millions each year!

The video below has been muted by Twitter because of the profanity.

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It shows a group of men swimming to get across our wide open border with Mexico.

Check out this video showing a group of men hiding and swimming in the Rio Grande to cross into the United States near Brownsville, Texas.

According to Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz for the Rio Grande Valley, on average 1,150 people are apprehended daily for illegal entry.

According to Border Patrol, In March alone, Border Patrol agents apprehended 92,607 people along the Southwest border, including:
*53,077- Family Units
*30,555- Traveled as single adults
*8,975 Children crossed alone
This is the highest monthly total since 2007.

Congress needs to act on our asylum loopholes now.

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