Lou Dobbs wasn’t always a Fox Business News host. The conservative host, who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions was a host on CNN from 1980 -2009.

In 2006, Dobbs and CNN correspondent Katie Pilgrim shared her investigative report on Smartmatic voting machines.

Dobbs began the segment by warning, “A firm owned by Venezuela could be allowed to take over one of this country’s top voting firms.” He explained that Venezuala is owned by dictator Hugo Chavez. “Critics warn that our nation’s very democracy is now for sale without doing a thing about it,” Dobbs said.

CNN correspondent Katie Pilgrim joined Dobbs where she shared a frightening expose on 19,ooo electronic voting machines used by Chicago, IL Sequoia in their 2006 elections. In 2005, Sequoia, a US company that made the electronic voting machines, was bought by Smartmatic, a private company primarily owned by Venezuelan businessmen.

“When Chicago had problems with their machines, over a dozen Venezuelans were there to help with the elections,” Pilgrim explained. While Smartmatic was technically based in Boca Raton, FL, most of the employees were based in Venezuela.

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Experts warned that foreign nations shouldn’t have access to our elections, adding that the US Treasury Department is supposed to monitor the sale of US companies to overseas investors.

When Pilgrim revealed to Dobbs that the US Treasury Department couldn’t confirm that the sale of Sequoia was reviewed, a very animated Lou Dobbs blasted them for allowing a foreign-owned company to own our electronic voting machines. “These are the most arrogant, incompetent, bureaucratic idiots!” Dobbs told Pilgrim who certainly agreed with him.


It’s curious that in the United States, a country that other nations have always looked to as an example of free speech and free press, that so many of our mainstream media outlets appear to be coordinating their messages, much like state-run media in communist or socialist countries around the world.

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