The guy responsible for giving us President Bill Clinton would now like us to believe that President Trump needs to have his mental state examined…

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” former Clinton Campaign Manager James Carville stated that President Trump lacks empathy and sentence structure, and someone has to examine his mental state like people did at the end of the Reagan presidency.

Carville said, “I think what happened was, is General Kelly told the president when he called this war widow that — look when, people — fighting men and women understand that when they take on this mission they could die for the country or for each other, and it’s something that binds them together, and you have to make that point. Of course, Trump has no empathy and his sentence structure is completely gone. He can’t say two sentences. … So, he gets on the phone, and he says, ‘Well, that’s what he signed up for.’ And General Kelly heard what I wanted. I mean, the truth of the matter is, somebody has to look. You know, when President Reagan was president, towards the end of his term, Howard Baker had a memo, and they seriously were looking to see if he had any kind of cognitive issues and they decided that he did not. I don’t think Trump is capable of making those two thoughts.” –Breitbart

At about the 2-minute mark, Democrat Party political analyst James Carville starts his rant about why President Trump needs to look at Trump’s mental state:

In October of 2016, James Carville piled on with another guy who just can’t seem to get anything right, crybaby Mark Cuban. Carville and Cuban were guests on Maher’s show when Carville told Bill Maher and friends that then-candidate Trump was going to quit the race.

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BILL MAHER: Donald Trump was supposed to have a rally tomorrow with Paul Ryan and now he has been disinvited — this just happened before we went — and it’s going to be Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. Wow. When the top of the ticket is disinvited to his own rally?

MARK CUBAN: He’s finally toxic. Donald Trump is finally toxic.

JAMES CARVILLE: Mark and I got in a discussion before the show. I think he’s going to quit. Really, right now, I’m saying right here.


MAHER: You know why he’s not going to win? Because his basket of deplorable and if the basket fits…

Carville hasn’t been right about too much of anything in his career, but since he helped to get the impeached rapist into the White House, the media will always use him as their go-to-guy when it comes to getting advice on how to stop the Republicans winning elections.

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