It sure looks like the theme being pushing out by the left is to make President Trump out to be some double agent or spy for Russia! Crazy!

It’s interesting that Pelosi and other leading Democrats along with the news media all have been parroting the FAKE NEWS talking point that Putin MUST have something on Trump. Just as we pointed out yesterday (see below) that the term “Russian asset” was being used by Google, politicians and the media, we also noticed that the question below was being parroted as well. Basically, the media is trying to destroy Trump by making him out to be a Russian spy…Nice try, we’re not buying it.

What does Putin have on Trump?…This is a leading question like asking “When did you stop beating your wife?” It’s the oldest political trick in the book. So…political hack Brian Stelter is asking the question thinking his audience will assume Russia MUST have something on Trump because he’s not asking IF but WHAT…See what he did there?

These people are sick! We reported yesterday on the trend calling Trump a “Russian asset”…

Is CNN trying to push the false narrative that President Trump is a “Russian Asset”? Most Americans would interpret that as saying Trump is a spy for Russia. What exactly is a “Russian Asset” other than a Russian spy? Just ask Google (see below)


While Jake Tapper was interviewing a Democrat Senator who was pushing the premise that Russia might have something on Trump and questions what Trump said in his meeting with Putin, notice the subtitle/chyron under the picture that said, “DEM SENATOR: ‘REAL POSSIBILITY’ TRUMP COULD BE RUSSIAN ASSET”…

Notice how the political hack Senator backpedals when asked further about Trump…”Well I’m just saying that I don’t know”. Hummm…he either knows something or he needs to shut his pie hole for insinuating anything like this about a sitting POTUS!

Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton calls the Trump-Putin summit and aftermath “embarrassing”: “This raises an awful lot of questions about what Russia may have on Trump and what Trump is trying to do with Putin”


Out of curiosity I Googled “What is a Russian Asset” and up popped several very recent articles claiming POTUS is a “Russian Asset”. I then just Googled “Russian asset” and got the same articles. I Googled images of “Russian asset” and got pictures of Trump and Putin.

NOTICE THAT ALL OF THESE ARTICLES WERE PUBLISHED ON JULY19 AND 20TH…Is there a coordinated effort on the part of the media and Democrats to paint President Trump as a “Russian asset” to further damage his presidency? HELL YES!

Leftist actor/director Rob Reiner even got in on the act: Rob Reiner on July 20, 2018: President Trump Is a Russian ‘Asset’ and ‘We Are in Dire Trouble’

This Senator is on the Armed Services Committee! He needs to be booted from the committee pronto!


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