CNN’s Jake Tapper set up the New York City Mayor by playing clip after clip of him telling New Yorkers to just go about their business up until a few weeks ago.

De Blasio and others have been doing everything they can to try and damage President Trump even though it is the New York Mayor who was late to call for quarantining people. There was also a video on Twitter (see below) from Friday that showed a park packed with people in Queens, NY, who were ignoring the call for social distancing. While de Blasio points to Trump to place blame, he should be pointing to himself for the poor job he’s done to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

You know it’s bad when Jake Tapper is calling you out.

De Blasio was encouraging people in New York to go outside and go about their lives as recent as two weeks ago.

And he has the nerve to blame everything on President Trump.

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Christopher Keelty took a video on Friday afternoon of a park in Astoria, Queens, NY where people were everywhere like it was a normal day.

Keelty wrote:

“So NYC is the epicenter of #COVID19 in the US, with hospitals on the verge of collapse and morgues overflowing. Queens is the hardest-hit borough. Here’s the teach at Astoria Park, in Queens, right now.”

Is it any wonder that Queens, NY is one of the hardest-hit places?

The selfishness of people is really unbelievable. Is it any wonder that New York is a hot spot for coronavirus?

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