Oh boy! Jill Biden tried to set the record straight on the number of grandchildren they have after Joe Biden only claimed to have five. She got the number wrong when she claimed 6 grandchildren because she has 7 grandchildren if Hunter’s latest child is included in the count. Is she not acknowledging the child on purpose or is she as bad as her husband at remembering?

Listen below as Jill gets it wrong:

Here is Jill Biden telling the world that she and Joe only have SIX grandchildren.

They have SEVEN, including Hunter’s out-of-wedlock love child.

What kind of GRANDMOTHER excludes an innocent grandchild because of her son’s poor decisions?

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Jill Biden, that’s who.


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Joe Biden recently claimed five grandchildren:

During his podcast, the Democrat Party frontrunner, who is no stranger to making incorrect or incoherent statements, didn’t disappoint. Biden, who will likely be the Democrat candidate running against President Donald Trump, who is arguably the most energetic and hard-working president in the history of the United States, explained how he FaceTimes all five of his grandchildren every day. Biden explained, “For example, I miss my grandkids a lot. I have five of them; I FaceTime with them all day,” he confessed. All-day? Who’s campaigning for Joe when he’s FaceTiming his grandkids all day? Joe continued, “I contact all five—,” Biden said chuckling, as he adds, “It probably drives ’em crazy, every day.”

Biden stumbled through an explanation,  saying, “But uh, now what I’m doing…uh, you know, uh, two of my grandchildren, Beau’s children, live about as the crow flies, about a mile from us, they can walk through uh, woods and some neighborhoods to get over to our house, because, uh—and uh—what they do is uh—I have a back porch, and the kids sit on the back porch—er—ah—on the grass and chairs. We sit on the porch, and we talk,” Biden explained.


Only three months ago, the former vice president posted an image of his SIX grandchildren. To be fair, Joe posted this photo in December. For Joe, three months ago is an eternity. He probably just forgot he had six grandkids.

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