The same woman who was left with egg on her face after President Trump actually ended up with more votes following a taxpayer-funded recount effort she initiated in 3 states where President Trump unexpectedly won in the 2018 election, is now suggesting that  North Korea a victim of the United States.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared on MSNBC to discuss the North Korean crisis. Did anyone really expect her to have anything of value to say on the subject, or is Stein being used by the media so viewers will play clips of the incredibly ignorant and hilarious comments Stein during the MSNBC interview over and over again. You know, kind of like a cheap marketing campaign.

Crazy Lil’ Kim, and before him, his father, have been flexing their nuclear muscle for years. There is clearly a dominant crazy gene in that family and to ignore it or pretend they are somehow victims of the US, now that they appear to have nuclear missiles capable of hitting Chicago, Los Angeles or Denver would be almost as stupid as Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.


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The only victims here are the 200 people who watched this insane interview on MSNBC tonight.

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