Last week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy moved President Trump’s number one most vocal defender against phony, secretive impeachment hearings, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to the House Intel Panel ahead of the public impeachment hearings.

McCarthy explained his decision, “Jim Jordan has been on the front lines in the fight for fairness and truth. His addition will ensure more accountability and transparency in this sham process.”

Today, Rep. Jim Jordan proved McCarthy made the right decision during a back and forth exchange with the “impeach Trump” Democrat Party’s star witness, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor.

Ambassador Taylor did not deliver.

The Democrat Party’s star witness proved a couple a things today—number one, he was nowhere near President Trump during his call with Ukraine President Zelensky on July 25, and that his testimony was based strictly on hearsay.

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After several hours of a rather dreadfully boring bogus impeachment hearing, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (OH) ignited a spark when he lit up the room with the Democrat Party’s “star witness,” the former Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor.

Jordan reminded everyone that both people on the phone call in question, President Trump, and President Zelensky, denied there was ever any quid pro quo arrangement between them. As evidence, Rep. Jordan reminded the witness that during a lengthy press conference, Ukraine President made this fact abundantly clear.

Rep Jordan clarified Ambassador Taylor’s role in the discussion between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelenky. Here’s how the discussion went:

Ambassador, you weren’t on the call, were you? You didn’t listen in on President Trump’s call and President Zelensky’s call?

I did not. 

You’ve never talked with Chief of Staff Nick Mulvaney?

I never did

You never met the president.

That’s correct.

You had three meetings again with Zelensky, and it didn’t come up?

And two of those, they never heard about, as far as I know.

And President Zelensky never made an announcement?

This is what I can’t figure out. And you’re their star witness. You’re their first witness. You’re the guy—based on this.

I mean…I’ve seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this. 

Ambassador Taylor smirked, as it almost seemed like he realized how ridiculous his own testimony sounded when it was read bad to him out loud.

Rep. Jordan continues, reading from EU Ambassador Sondland’s testimony: “Ambassador Taylor recalls that Mr. Morrison told, now again, this is ‘I hearby swear and affirm from Gordon Sondland.’ “Ambassador Taylor recalls that Mr. Morrison told Ambassador Taylor that I told Mr. Morrison that I conveyed this message to Mr. Yarmuck on September 1st…

This all happened, by the way, this all happens by the way, in Warsaw…”

Chairman Schiff, who has to be beside himself with humiliation for his part as the ringleader of the impeachment circus, interrupts, banging the gavel, and telling Rep. Jordan,“The gentleman’s time is expired.” 

Rep. Jordan continued, “when met with Vice President Pence. And guess what? They didn’t talk about any linkage either.”

Again, Chairman Schiff bangs the gavel, telling Rep. Jordan that his time is up.



And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is why two new accusers stepped forward last week to accuse Rep. Jim Jordan, who   was previously an OSU wrestling coach, of ignoring warnings of sexual abuse of nearly 200 men over two decades by an OSU doctor.

Just as the feisty, hard-hitting, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), was preparing to blow up another phony attempt at unfairly destroying a duly elected president, Democrats began calling for him to resign, over a curiously timed accusation.

Shades of Kavanaugh?

An unhinged Democrat literally just asked Jordan to give them Trump’s head and they’ll forget about everything.

Conservative actress Hollywood actress Alana Stewart nailed it with her assessment of the new round of unfounded accusations against Rep. Jim. Jordan.

Does anyone find it odd that more accusations would come out about Jim Jordan just as he’s been appointed to the intelligence committee? And he’s not even accused of committing a crime. Seems like a political hit job to me.

The Democrats are correct to fear Jim Jordan, and Americans should be grateful to have someone as skilled, smart and honest, working to expose the underhanded lies and tricks used by Democrats and the Deep State to undo the will of 63 million voters.

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