Are you ready for Joe Biden? He’s almost certain to be announcing a run for president, but he might have jumped the gun tonight during a speech but was it all planned?

Watch below as he plays coy with the crowd. He is, after all, the consummate seasoned politician who plays to the crowd of fawning supporters like no one else. He’s been doing this gig for decades, so he knows how to deliver a planned gaffe and then act as if he didn’t mean to say it:

Joe Biden delivered another gaffe tonight during a speech in Delaware: “I’m told I get criticized by the New Left. I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the … anybody who would run”

He even crosses himself to feign disbelief about what he just said. We’re not buying it.

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Chris Coons delivered the news that Biden would be the guy in 2020:

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So Chris Coons is playing the fall guy for Biden by making the test run announcement for Biden.

Nothing is by accident with Biden. Everything is sketched out and planned for delivery. This is not President Trump but a DNC machine testing the waters for 2020.

Biden met with Stacey Abrams today in another move that is planned to reach out to the black vote, but you can bet Abrams will not be the VP nominee if Biden runs. This was all for show — typical Biden.

If Biden runs, President Trump will chew him up. You can take that to the bank. Trump is not a yellow-bellied candidate like Romney and Ryan were. He won’t hold back on calling Biden out on every move he’s made.

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