John Kerry made us laugh like crazy when he unleashed his inner lefty snowflake attitude while promoting his new book. Talk about triggered! The guy is hysterical running off at the mouth during the interview below saying, “we’re in trouble”.  The fear mongering was off the charts! Kerry even said that he would like to sue President Trump for deaths caused by weather…no kidding!

Monday evening at the Carnegie Center for International Peace he said:

“I don’t try to be a troublemonger or to be somebody who tries to scare people, but I’m telling you folks…and I write about this in the last chapter of the book. I mean, I wish I could find legal standing to bring a case against Donald Trump for the lives that will be lost and the property that will be damaged and the billions of dollars because of his decision on climate change. This is life and death. Our democracy matters that much.”


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Kerry criticized President Trump in his best elitist voice for the policies in North Korea and Europe. This is bad form on the part of the former secretary of state. We’ve come to expect sour grapes from the former Obama administration elitist.

“What is happening is the sloppiness of the diplomacy that is going on with Kim Jong-un, the sloppiness of his reckless statements in Europe at a time when Europe is already weakened somewhat, and it matters to us more than ever since the end of World War II. I mean, these things matter, enormously, and we’ve got to fight for them.”

Kerry spoke about the perceived division then and now in America. of course, he spoke about himself…I, I, I:

“I was arrested for civil disobedience and demonstrating against the war, so it was divisive and I certainly earned some enemies for a lifetime through that experience. And we saw some of them come to the forefront in ’04, that’s what that was about. That wasn’t about my record. It was about them being angry I opposed the war and told the truth.”

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