Lawlessness is alive and well in Portland, Oregon, where the Democrat Party is making great strides with their Antifa allies to intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Andy C. Ngo is quite possibly America’s bravest journalist. On Saturday, while covering the takeover of the streets in Portland, Oregon by Antifa, he attempted to get closer to an area occupied by the Antifa mob, while police officers stood next to him. What happened next was stunning, and if Ngo didn’t capture the entire scene on video, no one would have believed it. In the video below, Ngo is attempting to get closer to an area and was abruptly stopped. Antifa thugs dressed in orange and bright yellow vests told Ngo he couldn’t pass, telling him, “You’re not with us.”

It was the armed members of the Antifa group who confronted Ngo while wearing bulletproof vests, to let him know he was not allowed to pass by them on a public sidewalk that was disturbing. (It’s legal in Portland to carry a loaded firearm in public if the person has a valid Oregon concealed handgun license.) Equally disturbing was the large police presence directly next to the sidewalk, as they sat back and watched the independent journalist being threatened for attempting to utilize a public sidewalk in Portland.


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First, the anti-capitalist protesters attempted to pin Ngo in a corner, while videotaping him with their Apple iPhones. When one police officer attempted to defend him, he was quickly rebuked by a protester who later threatened the life of Ngo. The black man with the vest mocked Ngo for his Asian appearance, telling him to hop over the fence to get around them, and asking him why he doesn’t “do some m*ther f**king wang Chun shit” and  “hop over the m*ther f**kin fence!”  When the police officer told them to let him pass, the black man in the vest replied, “Hey, you stay your ass on that side, I handle this on this side!”

This video makes it pretty clear for everyone to see who’s really in charge of the streets in Portland, Oregon.

After Ngo was insulted for his Asian history, Ngo’s life was threatened by the black protester in the yellow vest who’s part of the Antifa group, waringNgo, “Some of us didn’t come here to talk” and “Some of us really come here to die” and that “Death is coming to you”, while asking him if he’s willing to “die for this Youtube shit”?

The police finally interceded, but only to warn the journalist that his coverage of the takeover of Portland, Oregon streets was the equivalent of  “inciting violence”. Ngo called the confrontation a “surreal moment”.

Andy C. Ngo’s work as an independent journalist relies strictly on donations to his Patreon fundraiser account. Under his request for help from everyday citizens, who are concerned about the takeover of the Soros funded, leftist, Democrat Party supporting, Antifa thugs in major cities, Ngo posted a video showing the same person who made the “possible death threat” against him being arrested for a previous encounter with a Patriot Prayer group in August.

Here’s a picture of the arrest of “Jamal” at the August rally:

Here’s the KIRO-7 news video, Ngo posted to his Twitter account showing the arrest.

These masked Antifa thugs have taken over the city of Portland, Oregon, while the rest of the country seems unconcerned. This can happen in any town where liberals make the laws. Intimidating Trump supporters with violence and death threats aren’t really a big deal when you’re a Democrat with an agenda to take down our President.

Welcome to the anti-American shithole of Portland, Oregon…

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