This is so bad that I watched it twice to make sure it actually happened.

It did.

Joy Behar just sank to an unthinkable level that I didn’t realize was possible. I was wrong and the low have gone lower.

I have watched her on The View many times. I watched the show to make sure that my commentary about the show would be accurate. My commentary is very accurate. The show is horrible and the women speaking poorly about Republicans in government truly have no idea what they’re talking about.

Behar sank to an all-time low, putting her show even further on my personal charts of “shows that do not matter” and proving once again what is really wrong with the Democratic fanbase in America.

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Let’s remind readers that this is all just my own personal opinion, but I have a strong inclination that many will stand by my side when I show you this video clip of Joy Behar making a racist comment about the Kavanaugh confirmation and suggesting that “white power” is the driving force behind Republicans pushing for him to be voted in sooner than later.

Let me just tell those who are not right of center one thing – we use common sense and facts, not feelings.

Although after watching this video of Joy Behar claiming that “white power” is the reason Kavanaugh might be confirmed, maybe your feelings go a bit off the charts and you’re a little bit angry too.

It’s OK, after all, we’re called 100% FED UP for a reason.

Here is Joy Behar’s clip. Keep an eye on her co-hosts. I don’t think they’re down with Behar’s commentary.

This is so bad.

From Daily Wire: “Pretty soon we’ll be like South Africa, apartheid, where 10 percent of white people were running the country,” Behar said. “It seems like the trajectory that we’re on here.”

Goldberg stated, “That may be the trajectory we’re on, but that’s not where we’re going… that’s not what’s happening.”

“We hope not, but this is what they want,” Behar continued. “The people who are only interested in retaining white power in this country.”

Joy Behar is as wrong as putting Pepto Bismal on vegetable medley pizza. Nothing is right about that, is it?

Does Joy Behar ever watch her own show? Maybe she should, because the things she says are absolutely horrendous, wrong, and illogical.

Perhaps they keep her on the show because she makes the people who are correct look a lot smarter.

It’s hard to believe that Behar would make a comment about Republicans wanting to retain “white power” when most of the Democrats appear to be white folks as well.

Want to see something funny?

Here’s an old picture of interns for the Democratic Party.

That sure looks like a lot of white folks.

Maybe Behar should check herself before she wrecks herself.

Whatever she’s doing, it’s not working.

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